Four Must Get Albums

Check it, I just picked up a few new albums that you have got to order (or get someone else to get them for you for Christmas!!! Can you say stocking stuffers!)

Clear Convictions - “The Mystery of Iniquity”

This is Clear Convictions sophomore album (for those in Rio Lindon, that means their second album).  I do not have their first album, so I can’t compare it to their first album.  Here is what is cool about the this album.  There are two tracks on the album that are dissertations on the bible.  Cool stuff, the background music on the tracks is a little out of place, but the biblical teachings on those tracks is really cool and reaffirms our beliefs as Christians.  What I like about the album.  The musical style is somewhere between hardcore and metal.  With strong hardcore riffs and a bit of metal mixed in between, the album is heavy, so heavy in fact that the bass drum seems to drown out the rest of the instruments at time, but I love drums, so I don’t mind.  The vocals are pretty guttural as well and lend a primal sound to the album.  In all their are 10 musical tracks, and the songs roll into one another, I could imagine going to a Clear Convictions show and hear them play all 10 tracks off this album, one after another with no breaks.  The album is a great album overall, if you like Clear Convictions, then pick it up.  You can go and buy the album from On The Attack Records for $8.  Well worth it and would make a great stocking stuffer.

Messengers - “Anthems”

I was able to get a hold of some older Messenger material, before they were signed to Strike First records.  I love their old stuff, and their new stuff is equally as good.  Hailing from Texas, which seems to be a growing area for Hardcore, particularly Christian hardcore, these guys are keeping the hardcore tradition alive.  If you like Thin Ice and Dependency, then I think you will like Messengers.  They mix a solid hardcore sound with a little bit of metal edge (I think it is a Texas thing) with driving hardcore style chug riffs.  The best song with the most awesome lyrics on the album is “Judge” with the chorus that rings out “Who are you to judge what I put my hope in? Who are you to judge? Who died and made you judge? You’ll never get the best of me, because you can’t take, what’s left of me.”  Gets me so fired up in their particular brand of breakdown.   I highly recommend this album and it can picked up from Strike First records for $6.99, and, check out the cool Messengers T-shirt done up with the “Not Man” from Anthrax style!

Destroy Nate Allen – “Until My Ankle’s Better”

I did a review of Destroy Nate Allen’s last album “Perfect Recipe for a Smile” featuring the dynamic duo Nate and Tessa.  I LOVE Destroy Nate Allen.  If you like folk punk, you will love Destroy Nate Allen.  This album is a little bit different than the last, seems like Nate does a lot of the vocals on this album.  It is also a bit cleaner in production value, but you still don’t lose any of the campiness of DNA.  What I love about DNA is the self deprecating humor of Nate.  With songs like “Math, I Will Defeat You.”  I can totally relate.  You can go download “Until My Ankle’s Better” from the Destroy Nate Allen Download page.  You can name your price for the album.  I suggest giving something $5, $10, whatever you can for the album, it is worth it, promise.  Also, you can catch DNA on tour still, they still have some shows while they are making their way back to Oregon, check out tour dates on the DNA website, and go and see them live, they put on a heck of a live show!  (and yes, Tessa does steal the show Nate!!!).

Fleas Naughty Dog Vol. 1 – Christmas Compilation

Beside having some really awesome covers of Christmas tunes done by some of our favorite artists, this download is also FREE!  That’s right….FREE.  So just go and download it already!  The good:  True Liberty’s punk cover of “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.”  True Liberty is amazing, they just keep getting better and better and their cover is just incredible.  Grave Robber does another great cover of “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch”  crap, it is a Grave Robber, you know exactly what to expect.  Desiring Dead Flesh contributes with “Holidays Suck” and original punk song, DDF is really a band to check out,  pure punk, everything about these guys is punk!  Sef gives us a tease of more False Idle with a cover of “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” which might be one of the best songs on the album.  If you still have not gotten the False Idle album full of punk rock hymns, then you need to crawl out from under the rock you are living under.  You can go to Rottweiler Records and download the album for FREE.  The album contains rock, metal, death metal, and some other styles too, overall, it is a pretty cool album.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone.  I hope that God blesses each and every one of you!

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