Introducing “Thin Ice” – Texas Hardcore

Some of the guys from Thin Ice contacted me about the band.  They thought their music and message needed to spread, and I agree.  These guys are pumping out some serious hardcore tunes.  Texas (where the band hails from) and Southern California seem to be hot-spots right now for Christian hardcore and punk.

Thin Ice very recently signed with Blood & Ink Records, good catch guys, I am glad that you are getting back to your hardcore roots.  I certainly look forward to hearing Thin Ice’s first full length on Blood & Ink.  You might also want to check out the bands hardcore cousin Goldmill, It would be really cool if B&I would also get some of their stuff out there.  Be sure to support Thin Ice, buy their merch, see the live, tell them you read about them here!


Band Name: Thin Ice
Music Style: Hardcore
Home Town: Texas

Q: When did Thin Ice form?  Where did the name Thin Ice come from?

A: Thin Ice formed in June 2009. My guitarist, Chris, and I started writing some heavy riffs and decided it would be fun to find other members and start playing shows. As far as our name goes, there’s really no meaning behind it. It’s Just something Chris, me, and a few other friends (not in the band) came up with.

Q: What does everyone in the band do when you are not playing?  Which members are also members of Goldmill (which I might add is also a pretty sweet HXC band, when is Goldmill signing to B&I)?

A: We’re all in school, besides Bruce who is already out and is a high school geometry teacher. Chris and Phil both go to school about 3 hours out from San Antonio, so we have to work around that. Some of us work too. Other than that, we still like to play music outside of the band, and I actually write songs for other projects as well. All of us, besides Chris and Phil, are in Goldmill.

Q: What bands have influenced Thin Ice?thin-ice-hardcore-guitar

A: Turmoil, Figure Four, Advent, Trial, Terror, you get the idea. Heavy bands.

Q: How do you describe the sound of Thin Ice?

A: Energetic, heavy, and “dark” at times.

Q: Thin Ice recently signed with Blood & Ink records, congrats to you guys, what does this mean for the band? How did you get hooked up with the B&I team?

A: Thank you! Well, we want to make this band the best it can be. We are planning on touring and taking the band to new levels in the coming years. Blood & Ink actually came to us. They came across Goldmill’s myspace page and saw Thin Ice on the top friends. They messaged us and said they dug the tunes and the rest is history.

Q: Has Thin Ice started recording a full length album yet?  If not, when are you planning on getting into the studio?

A: We are planning on releasing an E.P., which I recorded at my home studio, with Blood & Ink digitally sometime this month or next month. We have started writing material for a full length, but recording is far in the future.

Q: I assume that Thin Ice is a Christian band since it is signing with B&I?

A: It is!

YouTube Preview Image

Thin Ice – Brainwashed

Q: Where do you guys place your faith in your music?  Can you share how Christ has influenced the band?

A: The lyrics in nearly every song talk about our faith and sometimes our lack of faith in Jesus Christ. Through our ups and downs, He has been there and He will continue to be.

Q: What is the purpose of Thin Ice?

A: Our purpose is to show God’s love and play hardcore music.

Q: Have other bands or people been surprised when they learn that Thin Ice is a Christian band?

A: Some people have been surprised.

thin-ice-hardcore-singerQ: I noticed that you guys have a pretty big show coming up on February 26th at the White Rabbit in San Antonio, Texas.  Looks like Thin Ice is playing the Abominable  Snow Tour with Living Sacrifice, War of Ages, Shai Hulud, Lion Heart, and The Great Commission.  Who is the band looking forward to seeing and meeting out of that lineup?

A: Living Sacrifice for our bassist and singer. Chris, Drew and I are really into Shai Hulud.

Q: What other shows does the band have lined up for 2010, will you guys be touring in 2010?

A: We don’t have much scheduled right now. We are planning on doing a summer tour, and before that, hopefully a small spring break tour.

Q: If you could give the hardcore scene one message, what would it be?

A: We love you.

Q: Feel free to share anything else, shout-outs, bands we should be listening to (or the band really likes), links to sites you like, etc.

A: Thanks for the interview and good luck and God bless!

Thank you! Check out Goldmill and Hope of Divine Mercy

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