Sleeping Giant Is Awakened!

There is not much that I can say about Sleeping Giant that has not already been said. They are an incredible hardcore band out of Redlands, California, and they love Jesus Christ. Their sound is all it’s own, I wouldn’t put them into a classic hardcore bucket, but more of a modern hardcore sound with deep driving guitars and elements of hip-hop, metal, and rock mixed in. Many members where in xDeathstarx, so imagine an evolved form of xDeathstarx. The sole purpose of Sleeping Giant is to spread the love of Christ and to present the love of Christ and the Father to a whole new generation. I was fortunate enough to catch up with the guys in the band to learn a little more about them. Many of you may have their first album “Dread Champions of the Last Days,” and they have a new album due out June 23rd on Facedown Records called “Sons of Thunder” which the band discusses below. If you have the chance to catch the band live, their shows have been described as the most intense worship most have attended, you can catch Sleeping Giant at Cornerstone this year, and on the upcoming Scream The Prayer tour.

Band Name: Sleeping Giant
Music Style: Hardcore
Location (Home Town): Redlands, CA

Q: How and when did Sleeping Giant get its start?

A: Cory Johnson, Tom Green, Travis Boyd, and Ryan Bermuda decided to play music that glorified God. We formed the band in 2006.

Q: For those who don’t know where the name Sleeping Giant came from, can you give us a quick run down of the meaning of Sleeping Giant?

A: Sure, we as people often sleep in our relationship with God and the way we live. It’s time for us to wake up and do something about it. That’s the meaning of Sleeping Giant.

sleeping-giant-tomQ: We know that Eric Gregson was a member of XDeathstarX at one time, what other bands did members come from?

A: Tom and Eric are original members. Travis played in xDeathstarx, Ryan played in xDeathstarx and a couple punk bands. Geoff played in Plague of Sheol and xDeathstarx.

Q: What does everyone in the band do when they are not playing?

A: Work our butts off at a typical jobs…haha. Eat chipotle, cuca burritos, and hang out with magical catfish.

Q: I think it is safe to say that Sleeping Giant is strong in faith, where does your strong faith come from?

A: It comes from hanging out with Jesus.

Q: What is the purpose of Sleeping Giants music and lyrics?

A: To give glory to God and tell our generation how much Jesus loves you.

Q: I have heard many people say that Sleeping Giant shows are more intense than going to a church service in terms of prayer and worship, how do you explain this?

A: God just wants to hang out with you and be intimate with us. We just ask God to work through us to the people who are watching us. It’s all Him.

Q: What has the most intense show Sleeping Giant has ever played?

A: Oh man…there’s to many…haha. Cornerstone for sure.

Q: What does Sleeping Giant attribute the bands strong popularity to?

A: God.

Q: For those who don’t know, Sleeping Giant has a new album called “Sons of Thunder” to be released on Facedown Records on June 23rd. What can we expect with this new album, how does it compare to “Dread Champions of the Last Days?”

A: We took a lot of time as a band writing this album. We tried to progress each song to its fullest and wanted to write whatever came out. If it was a mellow part or fast part, we didn’t care as long as we got to play what we wanted.

“Oh Praise Him” Cover by Sleeping Giant

YouTube Preview Image

Q: The new song posted on the Sleeping Giant myspace page called “Gang Signs” seems a bit faster and heavier than some of Sleeping Giants past material, is this a preview of sound of the new album?

A: It is a lot heavier than the last. It has more groove to it too. More singing as well.

Q: We have heard that there are some wicked guest vocals on the new album, care to share who is lending their voice to “Sons of Thunder?”

A: Yes, we have some great guest vocals from the likes of Ryan Clark from Demon Hunter and Bruce from 100 Demons.

Q: What does Sleeping Giant say to people who say things like “that is way to heavy and noisy to be worshiping God.”

A: We love that, we just laugh then give them our lyrics.

Q: Sleeping Giant has a big tour coming up “Scream The Prayer Summer Tour,” what bands do you look forward to seeing and hearing on the tour?

A: We look forward to seeing For Today, Agraceful, and A Plea For Purging for sure. we love those guys and can’t wait to hang out with them!

Q: Is Sleeping Giant playing Cornerstone? Have you played Cornerstone in the past?

A: Yes, this is our second time playing Cornerstone and we really looking forward to it, if you are going, be sure to check us out.

Q: What can we expect from Sleeping Giant in the future as the band evolves and grows?

A: To continue worshiping God and putting out music we love to play.

Q: Give us the scoop, what music are the members of Sleeping Giant listening to currently, what bands are you guys into?

A: Meshuggah, Blood Has Been Shed, Isis, Periphery, Mariah Carey, and Captain Geesch and the Shrimp Shack Shooters.

Q: If Sleeping Giant could give a message to the hardcore scene what would it be?

A: Simple…sove thy neighbor.

Q: Feel free to give any shout outs, other info, links, etc that you want to share!

A: We have a new album called “Sons of Thunder” out June 23rd. there is preorder up on our myspace page. We will be posting some more new songs in the next couple weeks. Come and hang out with us on Scream the Prayer Tour. Glory to God.

“Blame It On The Holy Rollers” Sleeping Giant at Facedown Fest 2009

YouTube Preview Image


11 comments to Sleeping Giant Is Awakened!

  • sam30

    Love me some Sleeping Giant!!

  • sam30

    Oh, and I like the new site look by the way.

  • If you haven’t seen this band live your missing out. They are amazing.


    what you may know about the Lord Your GOD Sleeping Gaint deffinetly reafirms strength through the love you share with your brothers,sisters,and Jesus
    and that we are made in the image of God and humor was created by the lord and is good if you see them live or catch some suble jokes in there thank you credits positive humor is there
    Sleeping Gaint is doing what we are sent out to do
    to teach that the love does outway violence and there isn’t two ways about that
    by the grace and love we have in God sleeping Giant will loose any insucurities you have with your personal faith and prepair you for the way we are meant to approach the world and the demons that dewell here

  • bob

    Sleeping giant’s music sucks, and they say jesus is sexy, thats heresy

  • skinjim777

    I have seen them play live and seeing tons of people worshipping CHRIST who didn’t know him. Lives were changed that night.

  • love you, guys. KEEP SLAMMIN FOR JAH.CHeck out my latest post: My top Christian hardcore songs.

    SG,you’re all up in there!

  • Keith Stovall

    to skinjim777 – According to the bible, one cannot worship God if he/she does not know God. Satan is perfectly happy with people lifting their hands and “praising God” if they leave the show and continue living in sin. “To obey is better than sacrifice”. God bless.

  • CE

    I caught these dudes on Scream the Prayer. They throw! It seemed like they were totally sold out on Jesus man. That takes a lot of courage to go into these places and be that sold out. Keep it going!!!

  • bunny

    oi! and punk r the same thing! being a non christian punker, i personally dont agree with this so called “christian punk”. we dont ruin ur music , dont ruin ourz.

  • Josh

    actually they are not, do a little research before you post stuff like this. I would also beg to differ that we are “ruining” the scene. There are plenty of non Christian bands that are doing a great job of that by themselves.

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